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Comparison of Single screw air compressor and twin screw air compressor


Screw air compressors are widely applied in wide applications,such as mines,food processing,road construction etc, but according to the mine operating environment, some parts of the air compressors will be lost. After comparing the structure and performance of single screw air compressors and twin screw air compressors, it shows the superiority of twin screw air compressors. This can solve some problems when some customers choose and use the screw air compressors.

Hongwuhuan LG37EZ 37kw electric stationary screw air compressor

With the continuous development of technology, the share of screw air compressors in many countries such as the United States, Japan and Europe is almost 100%. The technical parameters of screw air compressors are: the flow rate is between l~60M3/min, and the pressure is 0.7/0.8mpa. After statistics, 99% of the users chose screw air compressors.

1.Twin-screw air compressors are widely used in the mining, metallurgy, construction and refrigeration industries. Their wide capacity and operating range have replaced other types of air compressor operations. According to detailed data, in the domestic sales use, the twin-screw air compressor is 80% higher than the volumetric air compressor, and half of all the volumetric compressors that have been put into use. 

2.If the single screw air compressor is constructed by a single screw, the industrial technical equipment originating in the middle of the 20th century is composed of three rotating shafts, including A screw rotor, two planetary gears perpendicular to the screw rotor. 

The refrigeration industry is happy to accept this single screw air compressor operation.

Hongwuhuan HG700-18C 18bar high pressure two wheels diesel portable screw air compressor

About maintenance,the technology of single-screw air compressor is relatively mature without twin-screw air compressor. The existing industry standards and national standards do not include the technical scope of single-screw air compressor, so once the machine fails Then, only the manufacturer of the machine can explain the repair. The manufacturing cost of a single-screw air compressor is relatively low, but in actual operation, the friction generated between the planetary gear and the rotor causes the loss of the parts to reach the highest point, then the cumulative cost of replacement parts, maintenance and repair, the single screw air The cost of using the compressor will increase.

Hongwuhuan twin screw air compressors have about 20 year manufacturing history,which is mature and stable in performance.There are electric screw air compressors and diesel driven portable screw air compressors for you to meet your different requirements.

This is a brief set of electronic control system for mine ventilation equipment. In actual application, it can be adjusted according to actual conditions. Practice has proved that the set of electronic control. In October 2013, the system has reliable protection devices, which are convenient and reliable to operate. It can ensure the continuous benign operation and utilization of the fan, the number of maintenance is small, and the maintenance cost is low. It can fully meet the requirements of high efficiency ventilation and safe ventilation of coal mines. 

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